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7 Most Lovely Birthday Message to send to a Special Friend

Written by nsisong-eyo · 1 min read >
Birthday mean a lot to man because it is one of the most important days in ones life, so you need to celebrate your friends and love ones also in a special way and with a special text which will thrill her day. Apart from giving gift to your girlfriend on her birthday a special text message is one of the thing that will make that day more colourful to her, for that reason, I will write some most nicest text which I believe will make her day so meaningful for you below.
1 . Man has only 2 most important days in live, the day they where born and the day they discovered their real-self, as such your Born day is as important as my own birthday, and I celebrate the greatness in you and the nice times we have spent so far expecting more years of your lives to still be spent together. Happy Birthday Love.
Explanation: Now you see the above text has showed your fried how important is a birthday and how important is her birthday to you, it further show that you both are one, as her birthday is equally yours.
2 . Your Birthday is important to the world but is most important to me, because you are me and am you. Happy Birthday dear
Explanation: This is a very short but powerful birthday text, you tell her how the birthday is important to everyone in the world but most important to you because what you guys have shared as friends has made you become one.
3 . Finding a good friend in as hard as shaking a dead tree for water to drop, talkless of finding a special Friend like you, am really lucky to be your friend that is why your birthday the most valued day for me, Happy Birthday Cup Cake.
4 . Many people are celebrating you today because its your birthday but am celebrating you because if you where not born my life won’t be complete. Happy Birthday my Cherish.
5 . If I am asked by God what each day should be, I will simply say ” They should all be your Birthday” so we have more beautiful and special people will be born into the world. Happy Birthday Angel.
6 . Close your eyes while you listen to the birthday song I have for you. Happy Birthday to you 2x Happy Birthday 2x, Happy Birthday to you. Hippp Hipp Huraah, Happy Birthday to a Queen.
7 . When you were given birth to, I found out that it was raining heavely, no one understood that what happen was not rain but that Angels where shedding tears for losing this  special Angel to the world. am very lucky to have you as a friend. Happy Birthday Dear.
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