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How to add simple effect on your video when editing

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You can do this by using video editing software, Adobe After Effect and Premiere Pro is one of the best Video editing software design by Adobe, as such, it is otherwise called Adobe Premiere Pro.
Now to add effect on a video clip or clips. first, you need to know that the software comes naturally with some effect plugins though if you need more astonishing effect you should consider using Adobe After Effect but on Premiere Pro just add it like this.
For transition effect
1. Go to Video Transition in Effect Panel.
2. Drag the Effect from the Effect panel and drop it in between two video clip.
3. You can adjust the transition timing by clicking on the transition and adjust it just the way you can trim a clip.
4. you can also delete the effect or you replace it with another transition.
To delete just click on the transition and press delete, while to replace it just drag another transition effect to the position of the former click and it will replace the former one.
Now, this was for transition effect. Note that transition effect is added in between clips e.g is Cross-dissolve for visual and Crossfade for audio.
To add Visual Effect on a clip in a sequence.
1. Go to window after opening the software and you have your clip at the timeline. from window you will see Workspace then Effect. like this Window>Workspace>Effect.
2. Search for an effect that you want, there are too many visual effects there so if there is a particular one you are looking for you can search for it by typing it at the search effect box, when you find what you want, simply drag the effect to a clip on the sequence.
3. After adding your effect you may like to do some editing to control the effect you have added, simply use the control effect button, note that every effect has different control settings.
4. You can delete effect by clicking on the effect at the sequence and press delete or you can change the effect by either dragging in another one or undoing it. Undo for window id control+Z while for Mac is Command + Z.
After this, you have successfully added an effect to your video clip.
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