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How to Produce Perfume, Step by Step Process

The world is already too complicated so am going to try not to complicate it the more. In this article, i’m going...

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The world is already too complicated so am going to try not to complicate it the more. In this article, i’m going to tell you how to produce perfume in the most simplest way and using simple.

How to make perfume video credit Rainbow dash idea.

Stop Spending money on General Smell and Make your own unique Fragrance

How to produce a nice fragrance perfume

Everyone loves to smell nice so producing perfume for yourself and giving it out as a gift to friends and loved ones is a good thing because smell is valuable for a multitude of purposes including emotion, memory, creativity and relationship; perfume can go as far as to boost human emotional states and physical arousal.

A lot of persons spend a fortune on perfume, am not saying it’s a bad thing to do that but you can actually make your own perfume at a cheaper rate and make your own unique blend instead of wearing a fragrance that everyone else wears.

Sources of Natural Perfume Ingredient

Natural sources of perfume ingredient

Now, some perfume ingredients come from plants and some are animal products. Eg musk come from male deer and castor comes from Beaver(an aquatic rodent). This clearly shows that musk and castor comes from animals and animal substances are often used as fixatives (i.e preservatives or binder for lasting fragrance). Plant substances include oakmoss, myrrh, etc, you will have to extract the oils and am sure you are already wondering how to do that. I’ll focus more on how perfumes can be made using synthetic chemicals so you don’t start thinking of the process of extracting the essential oils.

Sources of Synthetic Perfume Ingredient

Synthetic ingredient

Today, perfumes are increasingly made using synthetic chemicals. Often, scents that occur naturally are produced synthetically (artificially) rather than sourced and extracted.
Two reagents can be used for the production of perfume. This is to say that with essential oils and a diluting agent(alcohol), you can make your perfume but am going to give you three more(optional) making it a total number of five just in case you want to give it a try. There’s always room for improvement okay!

Deep Thought

Am very convinced that after now when trying a new scent, you’ll have to ask yourself these questions: what did it take to create the perfume? what ingredients was used? what kind of extraction method produced the scent, that’s if it wasn’t produced synthetically and what was the ageing duration? With this, you won’t buy perfume same way again.

Ingredients Needed to Produced Perfume

Essential oil

1) Essential Oils: the basis of any real perfume is essential oils which in various combinations can create a unique fragrance.

Essential Oils is simply the fragrance you want to use. To choose the aromas of natural essential oils that may likely become your favorite, you can get a paper, cut into small sizes and write the name of each of the oils you want to apply on it. Apply a drop on the paper for testing before closing your eyes. Inhale the fragrance of the oils and then read the name.

2. Carrier Oils Carrier olis are added to perfume to moisturized the skin example of carrier oils are:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Avocado oil
  • coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil. etc

Some essential oils can be harmful to the skin so some persons add carrier oils so it can moisturize the skin. If you intend adding this, just mix with the essential oils

3. Diluting agent (alcohol): spraying essential oils alone may not be suiting to the skin and may likely stain the clothes hence, the need to dilute the fragrance (essential oils mixed with carrier oil).

You can use Ethanol or Methanol or any other diluting agent. I love using Ethanol when am producing perfume for men because it is believed men love scents that are harsh. Ethanol is less chemically toxic than methanol, and it carries more energy per gallon.

Ethanol contains about 75 percent of the energy of gasoline per gallon, compared to 67 percent for methanol.

I use methanol when producing perfume for ladies because it is also assumed ladies love things that are mild. You can actually mix both, either in equal proportions or one higher and the other lesser in proportions so as to get a unique perfume for unisex.

4. Glycerine: This help in maintaining and preserving of the fragrance so as to last longer.


5. Menthol: are you surprised? I add this to get that cold and hot sensation you feel when you spray but it’s dependent on the quantity added. Menthol is used as a denaturant , flavoring agent and fragrance ingredient.

Menthol is obtained from peppermint oil or other mint oils or prepared synthetically. It has a peppermint taste and It can also serve as a preservative.

Equipments Needed for Perfume Production

  1. A beaker or a glass bottle or container (dark preferably): inside the beaker is where the raw material will be mixed. To clean a glass container, wash with hot water or rectified spirit before drying in oven. Dark glass containers are used for ageing your perfume. It protects your perfume from light making it last longer

2. Funnel: for easy pouring of your perfume into your desires bottles or containers.

3) Hand Gloves: for the protection of the hands

4) Perfume bottles or containers

5) Scales (optional): personally I don’t use scales or drops, I just use a container for measurement so as to get my mixed ratio.

Using scales to measure your ingredients is a lot more accurate when you want to make or recreate your formula. Using drops may seem easier but it’s very hard to get the same amount of ingredient in every drop. You can end up getting a very nice formula which is difficult to recreate.

Perfume Mix Ratio

Know your mix ratio matters: 1:3
1 represents the essential oils (fragrance) and 3 represents the diluting agent. This means that for every quantity of essential oils used, multiply the quantity of the diluting agent (Ethanol or Ethanol) to be added by 3. If u used 5grams of essential oils, you’ll be using 15grams of the diluting agent. I hope this is well understood.

This is to say you determine the strength of your perfume. You can choose to play around with the mix ratios let’s say, 1:5, 1:6, 1:7…you can even make it 1:2. All you have to take note of is that, the greater your diluting agent, the lesser the strength of your perfume and the lesser the diluting agent, the higher the strength and lasting effect of your perfume. This might be very harsh or choky at times depending on the type of essential oils used.

Perfume Production Procedure

Step 1: Get your beaker or glass container (dark preferably) for mixing ready

Step 2: pour the measured essential oils into the beaker or glass container. If you intend adding your carrier oil, your can mix with the essential oils.

Step 3: if you intend or desire to add menthol, just drop a pinch into your measured diluting agent, shake and allow to dissolve.

Step 4: pour your diluting agent into your oils..

Step 5: add few drops of glycerine into it and shake.

Aging your Perfume

Allow the fragrance to age (stay for some days or weeks) so as to allow the scents to mingle and also become stronger. After aging your fragrance for a particular period of time, perceive it again and if the mingling has changed your desired scent, you can add more few drops of essential oils to tweak it, allow it age again.

Step 6: Pour into your perfume bottles or containers.

Now you have produced an unique perfume for yourself and you can make it commercially available for others to buy.

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Packaging/Branding Your Perfume


By now you should know that packaging and branding of product makes it sells more. Many people have good product but have poor packaging there by reducing their product value. Packaging can promote your product plus a good quality you have. Packaging is finishing as such you should not joke with packaging.

How to Make a Good Perfume Packaging

As I said earlier product packaging is product marketing especially for new product that has no name in the market yet.

First get a good design for your product. Good package design has a physiological impact in man, when the product package is attractive people might also say the product inside must be nice too and they will want to test your product.

Get good pack

Get good logo design

Get nice and attracted colours and font on the pack to add beauty to the pack exterior.

Come out unique and brand your perfume. If you have followed our lesson and you have produced a nice fragrance, just calm yourself marketing will be easier for you, because the best marketing strategy is product recommendation by people who have tried it.

Finally register on repost to start learning more skills like this and when you have produced your perfume we will help you market your product for easy sales.

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Written by Bright
I'm a Civil Engineer, cosmetologist, web developer, a song writer and counselor. Would you love me to counsel you in that area that gives you concernin or train you on paint production? Profile

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