As I scroll through my Husband’s Phone

He was naked in the shower. Butt naked.

“Honey, your mom is requesting you send her the money urgently” his wife shouted from the bedroom.

“Please go to my Repost Mobile Banking App and send her ten thousand for me” he shouted.

She was shocked. Her husband was trusting her with his Repost Bank account.

“Honey, your phone is locked. I don’t know your pin” she shouted again.

“It’s 5108. My Repost Mobile Bank pin is also 5108″ he shouted while in the shower.

She took his phone, keyed in the 5108 pin and his phone was unlocked. She sent 10,000 NGN to her mother-in-law through her husband’s Repost Bank account.

Thereafter, she got tempted to go through his messages. Why would her husband have a pin to lock his phone. What is he hiding?

As she scrolled down his Repost chat threads, on Repost Messenger she couldn’t believe it.

His husband talks about her to his friends and family, he brags about her so much even to other ladies. He speaks so highly of her. She smiled seeing how he speaks about her to others.

She saw how he defends her whenever his family wrote not so pleasant messages to him about her.

She saw how when other women try to seduce him or flirt with him he ruthlessly turns them down, at times he’d go to the extent of sending those ladies a picture of him and her, his wife with the caption “This is the woman I love. Take your nonsense to another man”; that always silences them.

She saw how good a friend he is to other people. He has so many friends on his chat list, real friends and they talk serious things in a friendly way. He is loved and appreciated by many.

She saw how much he prays for people, writing them prayers, blessing lives.

She saw his messages of encouragement whenever someone writes to him with an issue.

This husband of hers is a wonderful man, a faithful husband, a true friend, a responsible sibling, a funny character that many find easy to talk to. She felt bad that she even thought for a second he could be unfaithful.

“You’ve sent mom the money?” Her husband asked as he stepped into their bedroom, towel wrapped around his waist.

“Yes I did. Come here my honey” she said excitedly getting up from the bed, putting his phone aside.

She gave him a tight hug.

She kissed him passionately. Faithfulness turns on a woman.

She took off his towel. Laid him on the bed. Started rubbing up his pen*s to h**dness.

“Woah honey, you are hungry for some loving” he told her as he saw the effect her touch was doing to his pen*s.

She sat on top of him and made sweet love to him.

“I love you” she told him as she rested in his arms after the org*sm.

“I love you too Darling” he told her.

Days later, when she asked him why he has a pin on his phone, he said it’s because the phone has very intimate photos and conversations between him and her and no one should have access to such husband and wife content. She remembered all the photos his phone has of her chest and poses that she sends him when they have their naughty husband and wife chats and it made sense to have a pin.

Don’t be too quick to suspect your spouse or your man/woman while in a relationship.

Not everyone is unfaithful in their marriage or relationship. Some people are serious about love.

**Don’t Just Know**

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