How Helping out at Home and Doing Chores Builds Intimacy

Men love sexual pleasure, and yet so many men wonder why their wives don’t give them as much sexual pleasure.

The reason why many wives are not so enthusiastic about making love is not because women don’t have sexual needs, but that many of them feel exhausted, left alone and exploited by the time they go to bed.

In this day and age where both men and women work and sometimes the wife even earns more than the husband; the wife still comes home, exhausted from work, expected to do all the chores and domestic matters all by herself, help the children with the homework, serve the food, pray for the family, give the children attention, entertain guests, brush the children’s shoes, iron the husband’s clothes, clean the house while the husband comes home late from chilling with friends or relaxes with his legs up on a stool watching TV as he directs every need of the children to the mother. Then at night, that same woman is expected to be great in bed and tomorrow to wake up and dress officially, put on make up and go win in her career.

To so many women, being a wife is like a career by itself because in marriage, they are expected to deliver no matter how they feel. It hurts a wife when she has a husband who doesn’t appreciate what she does, criticizes how the home is run, doesn’t help at home, is absent in raising the children and yet expects her to be awesome in bed. This is the reason why so many wives break down and cry behind closed doors and if they express their feelings, they might be seen as not good wives.

As a man, find it in you to notice and appreciate what your wife does. Instead of coming home late, come home early and make your presence felt, spend time with the children, help out with some responsibilities at home instead of lifting up your legs as you wait to be served, take the load off your wife who goes to work just like you, play your role at home and in bed, your wife will find you sexy and easy to give herself to you.

Why? Women get turned on by a man who is thoughtful, a man who makes her feel they are together as a team, a man who serves her as she serves him, a man who spends time with the kids and his daddy authority felt. A tired woman will not satisfy you sexually.

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