Why many are Depressed

One of the reasons why people are sinking themselves into depression is because they have not accepted the season they are in, they want to exist in a different season. Yet life is full of all kinds of seasons.

When you are single, accept and maximize the season of singleness. If you desperately want to be in the season of marriage, you will get depressed and no potential suitor will find you attractive. The singles who are glowing in the season of singlehood are most attractive.

If you have lost a loved one, accept that the season of that person to be physically with you has gone. Stop wanting to go back to the chapter where that person was around, he/she is not coming back. Embrace your new season with the memories of that loved one, if you don’t watch out, depression will make you lose you too.

If you are in a season of planting, stop getting worried or angry that you are not in the season of harvesting lest you will get depressed. A farmer doesn’t panic when the seeds are on the ground. Relax, anything good takes time to grow.

If you are in a season of moulding, stop desperately wanting to be in the season of breakthrough. God has to work on you behind the scenes before you shine in public.

If you are in a season of lack, embrace that season because it is temporary. Lack teaches us to depend on God, to know our true friends, to accept co-dependency with others, to self reflect, to remember what is important in life. Wealth is coming, but there are vital lessons you will only learn when you lack wealth and money doesn’t exist to give you some illusion of growth.

If you are in a season of marital challenges, don’t get depressed because of it. Such seasons help you two to address real issues and to test the strength of your love. Marriage has different phases, love shines best in the difficult ones.

If you are in a season of parent-child friction, keep calm. Your child is in a season of self discovery and fighting for his/her identity hence the clash with your identity. If you get depressed, you will not be able to guide your child in this journey. Your child will come around.

If you are in a season of separation, embrace it. In this season, people will leave you and abandon you, don’t lose your self esteem because of it. Sometimes others have to leave so that you find your focus as an individual. The season of separation brings rapid growth if embraced.

If you are in a season of injustice and you know you are innocent, don’t lose your mind to depression. Don’t let them break you. Know your truth and soon you will be vindicated. That was how Nelson Mandela was able to stay sane in prison for 27 years and come out emotionally strong and ready to lead a nation.

If you are in a season of correction because of the wrongs you have done, accept the consequences of your actions. Don’t become depressed or feel sorry for yourself. People fall and they get back up. You will bounce back.

If you are in a season of illness, or you are asked to go for bedrest or hospitalisation, stay positive in that season, don’t be in a hurry to get back to busy life, don’t sink into depression. You will get better. Physical healing, starts from emotional healing. Many people are sick and stay sick because they are emotionally depressed.

Depression is tied to impatience where you quickly want to jump from one season into a more desirable one. Accepting and embracing seasons will help you live a better life.

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