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In today’s world ideas don’t only rule the world but changes the world. A lot of people have ideas yet can not make it materialize due to one factor or the other, such factors like finance and the right way to implement the idea. In this quest that Akwa Ibom State People Democratic Party under the led administration of Paul Ekpo and Ememobong Iniobong the party Chairman and Publicity Secretary define the means to help bring out and establish such persons with great idea.

What Dose PDP Umbrella Business Quest Mean

PDP Umbrella business quest is a radio program that seeks to identify entrepreneurs with sound business ideas and support them with start up capital.

When and Where is the Program Hosting

The program is host on air on Comfort FM 95.1 Uyo every Thursday by 9-10:30 pm and on Saturdays 10:10-11:40pm.

Who Can Participate on PDP Umbrella Business Quest.

One beautiful thing about the PDP Umbrella Business Quest is that anyone can participate on the program, though PDP is a political party but the program is made for everyone and every works of life, whether you are an Akwa Ibomite or not, a PDP supporter or not as far as you have a good Business idea and write a good Business plan you are good to go.

How Can I Apply and Win the Prize

The first state of the program is, you write your Business plan even if your business is an existing one or a nursing idea, put down a good business plan and seal it, take it to Akwa Ibom State PDP party Secretariat at Edet Akpan Avenue Uyo, 4 Lanes. And summit it there. Wait for a week for your business plan to be review. If you have written good business plan that convinced the panels you surely stand a great chance of being selected to the final stage.

View example of such type great of business plan here

Next Stage

If you have wrote a good business plan such as this you proceed to the final stage. The final stage is host on air on Comfort 95.1 FM Uyo. On Thursday 9pm. Here you will be asked to summarized your business plan in 5 minutes to the listener. Note you need to really package it well because you will be voted by the listeners and the panelist. The voting comes in 3 platform. Direct call on the radio, SMS or social media group of comfort FM, and by the panelist. The final result of the votes is compiled here and there. The winner is announced.

What is the Prize for the winner

The official price for the winner of PDP Umbrella Business Quest is N250,000 and a followup to see that your business grow and stand out. How ever the finals always have 3 contestant so the runner up is given the price of N150,000 while the 2nd runner up goes home with N100,000 startup price. All winners join the PDP official Business Quest forum and the party developed them from time to time.

There are times also that the price is up to a million naira. According to PDP the publication the did 2018 read thus.

”PDP Donates N1 Million To Winners Of The Maiden Edition Of The Umbrella Business Quest”

”Winners of the maiden Umbrella Business Quest, a radio program that seeks to identify entrepreneurs with sound business ideas and support them with start up capital have been presented with their cheques. The ¬†Umbrella Business Icon Award to Mr Eyoh Akpan Umoh of The Eyo Tailorings, who has run his business consistently for 38 years as well as the presentation of cheques to Mr Matthew Akpan, the first price winner, Miss Regina Ita, the second and Mrs Edidiong Asuqo, the third price winner”. see photos

So you should take this advantage if you have a Business Idea or have and already established Business and you need money to expand it.


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