I can’t believe we almost blew it out.

The cake was cut, cheers were heard.

Together with his beautiful wife they danced. It was their day. They were celebrating forty years of marriage.

It was their Anniversary. Their fortieth Wedding Anniversary.

Their friends and family clapped to the African tunes that filled the decorated venue.

He watched his wife dancing with their grown children.

He smiled.

He got emotional and walked to the seat.

He sat there watching his parents laughing with his wife, his relatives trying to copy the dancing style his first born was teaching them. His heart swelled with joy.

“We almost blew it” he thought to himself.

He thought of how many times he and his wife almost blew it, how many times he and his wife almost destroyed their marriage.

He thought of the day his wife suspected he was cheating yet he was just helping out a female friend. How she jumped into conclusions and their s*x life suffered. It was just a misunderstanding. Thank God they worked things out.

He thought of the time they struggled getting a child. She kept facing a miscarriage and her self esteem suffered. She pushed him away and things got really cold between them because she felt not wife enough. Thank God they passed through that season and God blessed them with four children. The last borns are twins.

He thought of the moments she got rude, she felt like she was doing too much as a wife and in her career. Those unending fights. How he blamed her for not submitting. How she became proud and condescending to the point of demanding a divorce. Thank God she calmed down and they were able to make it work.

He remembered how he lost his job, his business suffered a major loss. How he turned to alcohol and became demoralised. His wife warned him she will quit the marriage if he didn’t straighten up. He struggled and got back up. Soon their marriage was smooth again. They have a successful family business.

He looked at his wife as the life of the party.

Look because their marriage stood against all odds, their children are happy, their family and friends are excited. This is what the love of a man and his wife does.

“Come!” His wife gestured to him to join her on the dance floor.

Their little girls, the twins came and grabbed his hand.

He laughed. Stood up and was led to the dance floor by the twins, grooving to the beat.

He kissed his wife on the lips.

The crowd cheered.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you too. Are you OK?” His wife asked him.

“Yes I am. Just overwhelmed. Grateful to God that He has brought us this far. Not so many couples get to celebrate forty years of marriage. Forty years and look at how happy we are and how happy our happiness makes those around us. I can’t believe there was a time we contemplated ending our marriage”

She placed her finger on his mouth and said, “Shhh.. Don’t bring back the past, we moved past it. Let’s celebrate our love, we’ve got more years to share together my best friend. Let’s dance. It’s our day”

Him and his wife danced. The crowd cheered.

“Go Daddy, go mommy!” Their children cheered.

Dear husband and wife, challenges will be there in your marriage to test your love, but don’t give up on your marriage. Love never fails. You two will make it.

**Don’t Just Know**

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