Part 1- How to make ecommerce website using Html CSS and Bootstrap step by step
How to make an ecommece website

If you don’t just have a single experience with coding but you wish you should know how to code, I will advice you personally to watch this tutorial embedded from easy tutorial from YouTube. The article we are going to write down here will be helping you too, guiding you to do it right. Also, if you have any difficulties during the course of learning let us know in the comment box and we are always available to teach you from scratch on one tutoring for free. Don’t just watch the video but have a personal teacher who is going to tutor you from scratch to pro in coding.

Before we start, eco merge website is an online site that allows you and others to sell products and services like Amazon, jumia, konga, aliexpress, etc. So you will be creating similar website by your self for free, while also upping your coding skills for free.

How you can make an ecommerce website using HTML CSS and Boot strap is very easy even if you don’t have any coding foundation. Infact to be good in coding, the best way to learn it fast is doing real life project like this one. So let’s start the part 1 of making an ecommerce website using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

First open a folder and name it my project. Inside the folder create 3 files:

1 index.html

2. Style.css and

3. Image to put all your image.

Secondly open the HTML file type using any code editor, may be bracket, note++, sublime anyone, if you don’t have any go and install it from your browser.

When you open it. Now watch the part 1 of the tutorial embedded above.

Goodluck! Don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you have any difficulties.

Click here for the Part 2 of How to make an ecommerce website using HTML, CSS and bootstrap.

About the author: nsisongeyo
Am a full stack web developer, humble and ducks ready to help anyone at anytime.

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