Why you should not test your Boyfriend

Many time you wonder if your boyfriend love is genuine or if he is s still cheating on you due to the the encomium he pours on you, you may decided to test is love to see if he really loves you or if he can chest on you. This was the SME situation with this lady who decided to test if her boy friend is faithfull and the result is funny.
”A young lady who decided to find out if her boyfriend is faithful, contracted an online investigator on Twitter (@investigaTHOR) to help her dig, has been left shocked with the findings.

Screenshots of the hilarious Whatsapp chats from the investigation revealed how the lady’s boyfriend was tested and he failed woefully.

Below are the screenshots of the chat between the unfaithful boyfriend and the investigator”.

This is hillarious though, come to think of it, its a very nice way to know if your spouse is really yours or a community penis.

But to my own opinion I think most guys will fall for this because this is like a free ticket to paradise.

So to me, if it were to be me I would fall for it because my thinking faculty will not be straight, its only if am starved with sex. But if am not , I would not dare such because have had enough.

So the question is, if it were to be you, what would you have done as a male and what would you have done as a female.

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About the author: queenvicky
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@peepso_user_7(Bright )
Hmmmmmmm! This is a hot one. In order not to have hypertension, I won't test any guy as a lady. If I were to be d guy, I'll break up with her cos she doesn't trust me. How can u carry cassava to go put in d mouth of a goat and u expect that goat not to eat it .... it's not done that way.

Men love sex, let them do whatever they like and they'll be tired one day but don't… Read more
@peepso_user_9(queenvicky ) @peepso_user_7(Bright ) my sister you are saying the truth, men love sex and its hard to see any man that can over come such temptation. My I can not take such risk ooooo...
3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago