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We have been left to our fate and hoping in silence to no avail when our monthly Stipends will be paid since...

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We have been left to our fate and hoping in silence to no avail when our monthly Stipends will be paid since January till date until the recent release on slack and Twitter handle of Npower that over 1,500 Beneficiaries of us stipend have been stopped last year December 2019.

In view of the above we seek clarification from the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Humanitarian Service and Disaster Management as well as NSIP whose Npower activities is coordinated to tell us if the 1,500 Beneficiaries of Ncreative are part of the 5,000 Npower Beneficiaries FG pays monthly stipend till April 2020.

It’s imperative to note that we are made to understand that Npower was subdivided into two categories namely; Graduate scheme and Undergraduate scheme which Ncreative falls under Undergraduate as well as Nbuild, Ntech, Nsoftware etc with a monthly stipend of N10,000 to each beneficiary.

Furthermore, Ncreative training which we were enlisted for did not go through the much publicized manner as portrayed in the media such that our camp training was less practical work because we were only given working gadget a week to the closure of the camp out of the one month used which made many Beneficiaries less handlers of these tools.

The two internship training promised never comes to reality any where as there was no physical attachment to internship work places and studios or even guidance by the instructors thereby leaving the beneficiaries to their fate and getting the assignment done anyhow within themselves.

Certificate of completion are yet to be given till date not to talk of the China trip promised then to some of the best beneficiaries before the broke of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The promise to attach Beneficiaries to establish studios or working outfit to continue skills learnt were not done.

Laptops and 6months payment of N10,000 each which sums total paying up to N60,000 were the only visible benefit. This has not made many of us who were unemployed now employed not to talk of employers of labor especially as skills learnt were not practicable by most Beneficiaries due to lack of capital support.

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We appreciate the Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammad Buhari, GCFR for his vision and mission to eradicate poverty and curb unemployment amongst the Youths but we in the Ncreative did not get adequate practical training to do so and no financial sustenance.

COVID 19 LOCKDOWN has made lots of us Vulnerables and had hoped if the stipend were paid, would cushion the effect of the lockdown only to be disappointed that payment has stopped since last year December 2019 without any notification or release until we speak up after 3months to be told it has been halted.

We hereby appeal for an exit package substantial enough to make us independent rather than still leaving us as we were.

The first batch of Npower in the graduate scheme had spent above 2years without stopping their payment, how much more we undergraduate with N60,000 payment in 6months and they believe that is enough to establish us? No!

payncreative #PayNcreativeStipend

Beneficiary & Chief Admin,
General Ncreative Beneficiaries Whatsapp, Facebook Group 1& 2 and Twitter handle.

About the author: nsisongeyo
Am a full stack web developer, humble and ducks ready to help anyone at anytime.
Written by nsisongeyo
Am a full stack web developer, humble and ducks ready to help anyone at anytime. Profile

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