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A motivational husband to a worried wife

He woke up and found his wife was not in bed. She was busy looking for clothes to wear. She looked unsettled....

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He woke up and found his wife was not in bed.

She was busy looking for clothes to wear. She looked unsettled.

He sat up on the bed and looked at her.

She looked at him and continued roughing up the clothes in her wardrobe. She knelt down, looked under her bed, then stood up, looked around and sighed. Her face looked disturbed.

“Have you seen my loop earings?” She asked him.

“No” he answered.

“I am not going to get a good morning greeting? Not even a kiss?” He asked her.

“Good morning” she said without looking at him as she disorganized her pile of underwear and jewelry.

“Woah. You clearly are not having a good morning. What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I am fine” she said.

“Come here my love” he requested padding her empty side of the bed.

“I can’t. I am getting late for work” she said.

“Come here. If you continue like this. You will mess up your whole day” he requested again.

She looked at him then she hesitantly lied on the bed.

He tried to kiss her. She looked less interested in the kiss.

“I am getting late” she told him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her looking right into her eyes.

She was a bit teary.

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He kissed her arms, going down to her fingers. She still had her night dress on.

“What’s wrong?” He asked again.

“A work colleague called me good for nothing” she told him.

“So what?” He wondered.

“So what? Do you know how deep that hurt me?” She said.

“But honey. You know very well that you are not good for nothing. Don’t be moved by what people say. What matters most is what God says about you plus what me and your children think of you” he told her.

“I also misplaced the office key. I don’t know where I put it. It was together with the loop earings. When I made a request to get a new key as I look for the one I misplaced, that was when I was told I am good for nothing” she opened up.

“I am too grown to be talked to like that. I hate messing up” she said further.

“So will worry and getting worked up miraculously bring the key to you?” He asked her as he gently stroked her arm.

“Sometimes I feel worried about my life. Right now I would have been having a PhD, I would be successful. I compare myself with other ladies. I haven’t accomplished much” she opened up further.

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He kissed her and said, “Listen here my love. You are now being too hard on yourself. You are an amazing woman but you don’t give yourself much credit. You are successful as you pursue more success. At home, you are a blessing, a wonderful wife and mother to two children. It takes alot to do what you do. At work, you work very hard. You have received so much recognition, don’t cancel all of that just because you misplaced a key. Again, don’t let someone who doesn’t know you define you by telling you that you are a good for nothing. Why are you being worked up by someone’s false opinion of you? If someone calls you a dog, will that make you a dog? No. Stay firm in your identity. Don’t be tossed about so easily”

He kissed her lips.

“You are working hard. We are saving up for our big dreams. You may not have a PhD yet, but you will, if that’s what you want. We are the only ones to dictate how far we want to go. Your dreams of running a business has taken longer, but it will happen. We have a plan, remember? Don’t let worry discourage you and distract you. Worry will not make you succeed. Worry will cripple you, waste your time and rob you of the passion you need to succeed” he told her.

He kissed her chest and said, “Worrying is dangerous hun. When you worry your mood changes, nothing goes right at home, you will age faster and I don’t want you to have wrinkles because of stress, I want you to have wrinkles because of smiling and laughing. When you worry, your whole day gets messed up, our sex life suffers, you chase away your friends because you get cold, you are harsh, dismissive and mean. I don’t like it when you worry. Stop over thinking. In fact, yesterday our children were asking why you are so harsh”

“They did?” She asked concerned.

“Yes, they said you looked at them with scorned eyes. You didn’t pay attention to them. You even forgot to see the effort they made to make you happy. Someone at work said something false about you and you allowed it to cause you to be cold at home. Why give that someone so much power over you? About your dreams; you are on course. Your dreams may have delayed but they are coming true. God has a plan. About the misplaced key; we all make mistakes, accidents happen. Don’t let it affect the quality of your life. God has given you so many things to be grateful for. Live life. Enjoy it. Stop worrying. Not everything will go as you planned but you make the most out of each day. Be in control of your emotions. One thing or a few things going wrong shouldn’t affect your entire life and what is most important” he encouraged her.

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“You are right my love. Thank you for being so wise and opening my eyes. I will apologize to the kids. Indeed, I am truly blessed. I feel lighter now. Worrying takes so much energy” she said.

He stroked her hips gently saying, “Spoken like a true Queen. It’s good to have your smile back. The kids and I need your smile, we need you to be peaceful and positive. Shall I pray with you?”

“Yes please” she consented.

He prayed for her. They kissed and got ready for work in peace, smiling and laughing. A brand new day to be enjoyed and lived awaited them.

They worry less, as they take each day as it comes; building their dream, trusting God.

About the author: Anthony Eyo
I'm a digital marketer, social media manager, web/data analyst a Cinematographer, realtor and used car dealer.
Written by Anthony Eyo
I'm a digital marketer, social media manager, web/data analyst a Cinematographer, realtor and used car dealer. Profile

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